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Hot Chocolate Bombs

Celebrate this unique milestone, team building or girls-night by creating your unique cupcake masterpieces. Make our cupcake and eat it too!


hot chocolate bomb.jpeg

Hot Chocolate Bomb Workshop

Inspiring you to bake outside the box

The Hot Chocolate Bomb workshop is a very special way to commemorate a special occasion, milestone, girls night, bachelorette party, or team building event! So here is how it works:

  • You choose the chocolate flavor, design, and filling. We arrive 30 minutes to an hour before the workshop starts to set up. We bring everything except for the oven. 

  • The workshop is up to 1 hour long. The cost includes chocolates, baking tools (spatulas, turntable, piping bags, piping tips, chocolate, flowers, mixer, food coloring, cake scraper, cupcake box.) We ask that you provide tables, table covers if needed, oven, kitchen space and an electrical outlet.

  • You don't need any experience to do this activity! We will guide you step by step to your success and an enjoyable, memorable experience!


Each person will create 6 Hot Chocolate Bombs and will recieve a decorative box to take them home in.

Cost: 150nis per person

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